Below are some recommendations from people I’ve worked with and for. The recommendations are in italics, followed by some background information on my experience with them.

In Sung Cho

June, 2016

Bob is an excellent leader who is able to leverage his technical capability by motivating and inspiring his peers to come together to coordinate and accomplish complex objectives. He has an exceptional blend of technical acumen and people skills which made him the appropriate choice to lead the most critical and strategic projects.

Background: In Sung was my most recent manager at Synaptics. He was a good mentor, helping me see my strengths and how to leverage them, and gave many good book recommendations. My primary task was making the discrete force code more robust and platform independent.

John Armstrong

August, 2009

Bob is a natural leader and project director, as well as a proficient developer of firmware and software. He produced great results, had the required expertise, and provided creative, on-time results. His interface with my clients was beneficial to the project, and to PSI.

Background: I worked with John on a few projects. My primary experience with him was when I helped him put together an RFID demonstration when he was President and CEO of Probe Science, Inc.

Darrell Flenniken

March, 2009

I hired Bob to do embedded development in C on various micro-controllers. Bob’s effort, work ethic, professionalism, teamwork, personal conduct, and work product quality were all well above average. I recommend Bob highly. If the opportunity presented itself, I wouldn’t hesitate to use his services in the future.

Background: Darrel was the CTO of G4S Justice Services. He brought me in to help develop a new generation of monitoring systems for people under house arrest.

Rogelio C. Rodriguez

August, 2009

Robert has been an engineering instructor at UC Irvine Extension for several years. He was a member of the Embedded Systems Engineering advisory committee and is very thorough in his approach to teach industry-oriented engineering applications. He is thoughtful in his communication and effective in transferring knowledge.

Background: I taught embedded programming classes at the University of California, Irvine, and with Rogelio and other instructors, advised the school on what classes would be valuable to industry. Rogelio was the Director of Continuing Education at UC Irvine.