Welcome to my blog

Hello. Welcome to my blog page. My name is Bob Weber. I’m an embedded software consultant with over 25 years of experience in embedded software development.

I’ve worked in a lot of industries, but I’ve found I prefer to work in smaller companies, where I can make more of an impact, and in faster-paced consumer products. My current focus is in the “Internet of Things”, or IoT. This is an industry I expect to grow quickly. My experience in low-power, embedded devices is a good fit for some of these devices.

I also think security is going to be a continual problem. The more devices are networked, the more information that can be collected, and that’s attractive to hackers and other, more formal organizations who want to use that information for their own purposes. I’m learning more about network security and how it applies to IoT. I expect to learn a lot, and I’ll share some of that with you.

Besides my technical skills, I’m a good team leader, organizer, presenter, and writer. This blog is going to focus on the latter. This is a forum for me to write about things I find interesting. They’ll all be related to professional topics I’ve encountered. Some will be technical, some more managerial, some something else. It’s an open forum for me, that I hope to be entertaining and educational to others.

If you’d like to keep tabs on my writings, go ahead and subscribe to this blog at the top of this page. That will also allow you to comment on what I write, after I’ve vetted it. It’s my intention to post any comments I think will be helpful to others, but I’m not going to post off-topic posts, or posts that simply don’t add anything. I appreciate a “good job”, or “what crap”, but without more details and insight, those posts simply won’t add value to this blog.

Thank you for visiting.

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