I like this article by Tony Robinson. You need to read the article he references, and then his take, to understand where he’s coming from. Click on the image below to read them. The problem with Rick becoming a prima donna wasn’t just on Rick, it was management’s failure to manage the team with a […]

Is Staying at One Company for 20 Years Even an Option?

I stayed at my first company for 12 years. I left that to do consulting, after feeling pretty undervalued. When I told my boss I was leaving, he made an effort to get me to stay, talking to several other department managers to try and find an option that would entice me to stay. I […]


I heard this podcast mentioned on a Tim Ferris podcast and decided to check it out. It’s pretty good information for managers. Now, how do I tell my manager that his one-on-ones fail because they’re really about status?

I cannot disagree with any of the points D. Burkus’ makes. To elaborate on the effects of keep compensation secret (D. Burkus talks about salary, but that’s only one way of compensating people) are: It gives the company a negotiation advantage, the information asymmetry D. Burkus talks about. If people knew what everyone made, the company couldn’t pay […]